\\ Economic and Social Utopias and Dystopias

In this gallery we present some images relating to utopian experiments in social, economic and urban reform from the 18th to the 20th centuries in several parts of the world. These visions were often formulated by individuals with a philanthropic spirit. Their main aim was to improve the living, working and moral conditions of the many rather than the few. Religious motivations were often at the heart of some of these visions, which sought to distance themselves from mainstream society and create a new model of social organisation.


  1. Caricature of Robert Owen
  2. Robert Owen's proposed village at New Harmony
  3. Ebenezer and Elizabeth-Ann Howard, 1898
  4. 'The Three Magnets' diagram by Ebenezer Howard, 1898
  5. 'Garden City' diagram by Ebenezer Howard, 1898
  6. 'The Vanishing Point of Landlords Rent' diagram by Ebenezer Howard, 1898
  7. 'Diagram of Administration' by Ebenezer Howard, 1898
  8. The Last Icarians, 1906
  9. Etienne Cabet, founder of Icaria
  10. New Icaria, 1906
  11. Model Town for the Happy Colony to be Established in New Zealand by the Workers of Great Britain, 1854