\\ Pierre Boulez emotion and analysis

Pierre Boulez emotion and analysis is a newly issued set of ten DVDs which is a fantastic sampler consisting of documentaries, analysis and of course, conducting by Pierre Boulez.  The compilation covers his works as well as many of the composers whose works have influenced him over his long career. These include Debussy, Ravel, Bartók, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Berg, and Mahler among others. The performances span decades from the 1968 recordings with the New Philharmonia Orchestra in London to the 2009 documentary ‘Inheriting the Future of Music’ with the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra where Boulez works through Stockhausen’s Gruppen, his own Notations and Repons and Debussy’s Jeux.  Despite maintaining near constant metronome tempi between the London and Lucerne recordings of Jeux, one can detect a slight shift of interpretation over the 4 decades between their recordings, in particular a more shimmering wave of sound in the strings in the latter. Whether this can be attributable to more modern recording equipment, Boulez’s role as conductor to follow with exacting precision, the composer’s metronome indications, remains constant and never falters over time.